Getting Role Taxonomy Right Enables Effective Rate-Card Negotiation

There are a variety of ways in which clients of outsourced IT services engage with their suppliers. These may be broadly classified into: resource-based (e.g., Staff Augmentation) and deliverable-based (e.g., Fixed Price, Managed Services). The former is usually the preferred choice during the early stages of the client’s outsourcing journey, since it replicates IT managers’ […]

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The Next Revolution is upon us: Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Over the last 150 years we have seen waves of technology fundamentally change the way we do business. The industrial revolution changed how we work. The computer revolution changed how fast we work. The internet revolution changed where we do work. The next revolution is upon us:  Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

In its simplest form, […]

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GBS Evolution – Time To Act

Business leaders, managers and practitioners in the outsourcing/ offshoring industry are very well aware of the growth of various models for managing and delivering discrete and/ or end-to-end services for their enterprises across diverse functions and business units.

The sourcing and delivery models have evolved to accommodate the growing complex requirements and new challenges, with Companies […]

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Technology & Automation Disrupting Outsourcing

Labor arbitrage gave a major boost to outsourcing and enriched the entire eco-system. As the benefits of labor arbitrage becomes a normal way of doing business, companies and providers are looking to technology to gain the next level of efficiency and productivity. Disruptive technology like social, mobile, data analytics, Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence […]

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporations are part of the community.  They are an essential participant in the community, especially where their teams work and where their products and services are used.

Neo Group has incorporated corporate social responsibility into its core values: People First, Customer Next, Better Place 360. Not only is it smart business, more importantly, it’s how our […]