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Third-Party Governance: Choosing the Right Operating Model for Managing Supplier Relationships

As we commented on in our blog post back in November, there are a number of key processes to be managed when sourcing for services:

Service quality and performance management
Financial management
Contract and Compliance management
Relationship management
Resource management
Risk management

And there are numerous platforms that support these processes (e.g., Ariba, Emptoris, ServiceNow).  But […]

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7 Tips to Ensure Offshore Program Management Success

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” – Sun Tzu.

Why do some offshore programs succeed and others fail?

We often hear this question from clients who seek to achieve a smooth and successful transition of certain tasks or projects to an offshore location.

Some of the critical […]

The Globally-Savvy Manager

Even if a client organization
recruits and retains the best global talent, that talent has to be
managed.  And managing across
borders is a complex job that requires a special kind of manager – a
globally-savvy one. 

Yet just as there is a
shortage of other global talent, there is an even higher shortage of
globally-savvy managers.  Because many
traditional managers may not […]

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The Outsourcing Competency

As Carol Burnett once said, “Only I can change my life. No
one can do it for me.”  To succeed
as a leader in business today requires keeping pace with rapid changes
occurring in our business environment.
Two of the key changes and opportunities today are outsourcing and
globalization.   So increasingly,
the responsibilities of CFOs, HR executives, procurement executives, and others
is […]

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