Role Rationalization and Rate Negotiation – Global Life Sciences Industry Major Saves Millions

Life Sciences companies make significant investments in Information Technology (IT) in implementing state of the art applications and systems to support R&D, analytics, decision sciences, clinical trials, and data security/ confidentiality.

These companies outsource their IT operations to multiple service providers, so that they can focus on their core business. Over time, the quantum of work […]

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4 Tips to Achieve a Successful Outsourcing Transition

A successful transition is smooth, cost effective, and transparent; and it’s carried out without impact to the client’s business performance. This is absolutely essential to the success of an outsourcing initiative.

Yet many companies face challenges in this pivotal phase. Difficulties can stem from poor project oversight, unrealistic expectations, culture or relationship gaps, and poor risk management, among […]

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Your Roadmap to Successful Contract Renegotiations

How do you ensure your organization gains maximum value from your global services vendors? Investing in successful vendor relationships can lead to increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs, better quality, and better service from the vendor. Many of these factors can be clearly outlined and defined in your vendor contracts through successful negotiations.

In the final […]

Contract Renegotiations: Which Model is Right for You?

Companies will renegotiate more than $100 billion worth of outsourcing contracts in 2015. Contract renegotiations can take many forms, from a simple auto renewal to a complete portfolio assessment. The appropriate approach will vary based on an organization’s business needs and sourcing capabilities, but the primary goal is always to re-align sourcing strategies with strategic […]

Vendor Contract Renegotiations: A 3-Stage Approach to Maximizing Value

Effective contract renegotiations enable organizations to bring competitive flavor to the sourcing process and realize significant annual savings. To help you be more effective in your next vendor contract renegotiation, we’ve put together a helpful infographic series that will walk you through Neo Group’s proven three-stage approach to maximizing value in contract renegotiations.

In Part I, […]

A Proven Approach to Contract Renegotiations

Effective contract renegotiations enable organizations to bring competitive flavor to the sourcing process and realize significant annual savings. How can you achieve these benefits in your next contract renegotiations?

Check out the following infographic, which shares Neo’s proven three-stage approach to maximize value in Vendor Contract Renegotiations.

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Maximizing Mixed Service Delivery Models

“Friendship and money; oil and water.”
– Mario Puzo

Mixed service delivery models that leverage company-owned delivery centers as well as those of third-party service providers can create special challenges to manage. Fortunately, none are necessarily as sinister as those in a Puzo novel. Also fortunately, there are special opportunities for organizations that have adopted mixed models […]

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Global City Competitiveness Report

Neo Advisory is releasing its Annual Global City Competitiveness Report assessing 61 cities on outsourcing attractiveness.  Find it at

This report answers the following questions:

Which cities are mature for global services sourcing?
How do the top cities compare against each other and against emerging cities?
Why are the top cities more competitive than others?
What are the early indications […]

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