Outsourced: The NBC TV Series

Outsourced. Full disclosure first!

I am not an advisor to the TV show. The producers of the movie, Outsourced, who are now Executive Producers to the TV show, asked me about two years ago to advise them. We had fun thinking about how to leverage the movie for corporate training etc.

The movie is fantastic and think […]

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Global Sourcing is the New Normal: Adapting to Economic Uncertainty, Changing Markets and Competitive Dynamics

Staffing augmentation. Labor arbitrage. India.

For many out there, outsourcing seems to be defined only by the above – people working for low compensation in locations such as India helping the client save significant monies. That is outsourcing to them.  However, the recent and continuing downturn in 2009 and 2010, has upset many notions and models […]

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Global Services -Will Costa Rica Stand the Test of Time?

I recently did a webinar on Nearshore destination: Costa Rica – Destination for multi-function centers. We have been monitoring this destination since 2000 and continue to be impressed by it. Below is an article published by Global Services magazine.

Global Services -Will Costa Rica Stand the Test of Time?.

Costa Rica emerged on the outsourcing scene with […]

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Global Services 2010 Event

Global Services 2010 Event
Optimism and reliance on a global operating model is strong. Spent a day yesterday discussing locations, risk, suppliers, innovation and related topics with leaders from firms such as J&J, Applied Materials, MassMutual, Visa and others. “Risk Management” is a need and Neo has a solution, Global Supply Risk Monitor.

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Global City Competitiveness Report

Neo Advisory is releasing its Annual Global City Competitiveness Report assessing 61 cities on outsourcing attractiveness.  Find it at

This report answers the following questions:

Which cities are mature for global services sourcing?
How do the top cities compare against each other and against emerging cities?
Why are the top cities more competitive than others?
What are the early indications […]

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The Globally-Savvy Manager

Even if a client organization
recruits and retains the best global talent, that talent has to be
managed.  And managing across
borders is a complex job that requires a special kind of manager – a
globally-savvy one. 

Yet just as there is a
shortage of other global talent, there is an even higher shortage of
globally-savvy managers.  Because many
traditional managers may not […]

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The Outsourcing Competency

As Carol Burnett once said, “Only I can change my life. No
one can do it for me.”  To succeed
as a leader in business today requires keeping pace with rapid changes
occurring in our business environment.
Two of the key changes and opportunities today are outsourcing and
globalization.   So increasingly,
the responsibilities of CFOs, HR executives, procurement executives, and others
is […]

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Looking at On-Demand BPO

It’s been over a decade since corporations started leveraging outsourcing to better manage capacity, costs, quality, risk and speed to market.  From offshoring to managed services, there has been a dramatic evolution in corporations’
thinking about outsourcing. Corporations are challenging existing business models as they seek ways to speed innovation, focus on their core competencies, and scale to capitalize on opportunities and […]

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