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Global In-house Centers are characterized as global locations away from the home office or headquarters. Functions handled from the GICs are technology and back office functions that do not require a face to face physical interaction with external customers or internal stakeholders. Technology support, application development, software product development, finance and accounts, accounts payable, receivables, […]

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Challenge Your Assumptions to Uncover New Sourcing Opportunities

Since companies started globalizing their workforces over the last few decades, there has been a constantly shifting frontier between the sorts of roles that managers assumed could be done offshore vs. roles that were thought to be needed onsite at a company’s office.  At first, it seemed only low-level clerical work should be done remotely.  […]

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Global Sourcing is the New Normal: Adapting to Economic Uncertainty, Changing Markets and Competitive Dynamics

Staffing augmentation. Labor arbitrage. India.

For many out there, outsourcing seems to be defined only by the above – people working for low compensation in locations such as India helping the client save significant monies. That is outsourcing to them.  However, the recent and continuing downturn in 2009 and 2010, has upset many notions and models […]

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Global Services -Will Costa Rica Stand the Test of Time?

I recently did a webinar on Nearshore destination: Costa Rica – Destination for multi-function centers. We have been monitoring this destination since 2000 and continue to be impressed by it. Below is an article published by Global Services magazine.

Global Services -Will Costa Rica Stand the Test of Time?.

Costa Rica emerged on the outsourcing scene with […]

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Global City Competitiveness Report

Neo Advisory is releasing its Annual Global City Competitiveness Report assessing 61 cities on outsourcing attractiveness.  Find it at www.neoadvisory.com

This report answers the following questions:

Which cities are mature for global services sourcing?
How do the top cities compare against each other and against emerging cities?
Why are the top cities more competitive than others?
What are the early indications […]

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