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Essence of Electronic Contract Management without Borders

Contract Management without borders

With a spurt in the outsourcing business in today’s world, contract management has grown to be one of the key area for using this platform. Businesses from around the globe have been channelizing to manage solutions designed to provide end to end, critical yet unstructured, contract data into a structured form. Software […]

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Third-Party Governance: Choosing the Right Operating Model for Managing Supplier Relationships

As we commented on in our blog post back in November, there are a number of key processes to be managed when sourcing for services:

Service quality and performance management
Financial management
Contract and Compliance management
Relationship management
Resource management
Risk management

And there are numerous platforms that support these processes (e.g., Ariba, Emptoris, ServiceNow).  But […]

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Impact of Trump’s Win on Offshoring

Donald J. Trump’s election as the 45th President of The United States of America has taken the whole world by surprise. Now, the whole world is waiting to see if President Elect Trump will follow through on his campaign promises and if yes, then to what extent. His foreign and immigration policy will have wide […]

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Role Rationalization and Rate Negotiation – Global Life Sciences Industry Major Saves Millions

Life Sciences companies make significant investments in Information Technology (IT) in implementing state of the art applications and systems to support R&D, analytics, decision sciences, clinical trials, and data security/ confidentiality.

These companies outsource their IT operations to multiple service providers, so that they can focus on their core business. Over time, the quantum of work […]

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Outsourcing Governance Tools: Leverage for Value Realization and Decision Making

While most organizations remain laser focused on achieving the expected benefits and executing a fool-proof contract as they evaluate and select a provider, they either lose sight of putting in the critical government mechanisms (apart from the usual contractual governance related clauses) or start thinking of robust governance as expectations begin to be missed. One […]

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GIC Health Check


Global In-house Centers are characterized as global locations away from the home office or headquarters. Functions handled from the GICs are technology and back office functions that do not require a face to face physical interaction with external customers or internal stakeholders. Technology support, application development, software product development, finance and accounts, accounts payable, receivables, […]

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Getting Role Taxonomy Right Enables Effective Rate-Card Negotiation

There are a variety of ways in which clients of outsourced IT services engage with their suppliers. These may be broadly classified into: resource-based (e.g., Staff Augmentation) and deliverable-based (e.g., Fixed Price, Managed Services). The former is usually the preferred choice during the early stages of the client’s outsourcing journey, since it replicates IT managers’ […]

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Change Management: Think Twice about the Time You Give It

Your team has put together tons of spreadsheets and power points and numbers that all make sense and that justify the decision. However, the desired benefits of the Global Business Services strategy didn’t come out as you expected. What happened? Why was the transition so painful? Why didn’t the anticipated benefits fully realize? Why […]

Transition Management: Handle with ‘Care’

The recent Neo Insights Webinar on How to Avoid Common Outsourcing Transition Challenges prompted me to think about the origins of the word, “Transition.” In simplest terms, it refers to the grey area during a period of change.

I am reminded of a time as a young child when my family underwent a period of transition […]

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4 Tips to Achieve a Successful Outsourcing Transition

A successful transition is smooth, cost effective, and transparent; and it’s carried out without impact to the client’s business performance. This is absolutely essential to the success of an outsourcing initiative.

Yet many companies face challenges in this pivotal phase. Difficulties can stem from poor project oversight, unrealistic expectations, culture or relationship gaps, and poor risk management, among […]

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