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Aditya is an MBA with over 7 years of track-record in research, outsourcing, globalization. His areas of expertise include, business process improvement/ transformations, consulting, business development, digital advertising, marketing, branding and product development across FMCG, healthcare and industrial products. He has global experience having worked, studied and lived in five countries including USA, India, Czech Republic, China and Singapore. He is also certified inSix Sigma Black Belt

Impact of Trump’s Win on Offshoring

Donald J. Trump’s election as the 45th President of The United States of America has taken the whole world by surprise. Now, the whole world is waiting to see if President Elect Trump will follow through on his campaign promises and if yes, then to what extent. His foreign and immigration policy will have wide […]

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Role Rationalization and Rate Negotiation – Global Life Sciences Industry Major Saves Millions

Life Sciences companies make significant investments in Information Technology (IT) in implementing state of the art applications and systems to support R&D, analytics, decision sciences, clinical trials, and data security/ confidentiality.

These companies outsource their IT operations to multiple service providers, so that they can focus on their core business. Over time, the quantum of work […]

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6 Questions to Investigate in an Outsourcing Health Check

How well are your global operations performing? Success can be a subjective term. Do your service providers meet your expectations? What about the expectations of other teams within your organization? Are the standards and metrics that you measure success against in line with those of your peers and competitors?

Without the right performance metrics in place, there […]

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