Governance Solutions

Neo Group provides a complete suite of cost-effective governance solutions, including resourcing, tools and processes for Resource Management, Performance Management, Risk Management, Contract Management, Financial Management and Relationship Management.

Neo Group’s Governance Solutions are focused on supporting Governance and Vendor Management activities with a Global Delivery Model so that companies stay focused on Strategic Governance Issues and maximize the effectiveness of their Global Operations. We also provide design assistance and run processes such as Resource Management as-a-service with co-located and offshore teams.

Vendor Management and Governance Organizations in many companies use Neo Group’s Governance Solutions to perform ongoing sourcing program management, monitoring and improvements, such as:

  • Contract & Financial Management image

    Contract & Financial Management

    Contract Management & Financial Management Process.

    Invoice Management and SLA Credit Monitoring to adhere to business case.

    Shopping Cart Center of Excellence (SCC) with proven speed of contracting.

  • Resource Management image

    Resource Management

    Demand Management & Forecasting.

    Resource Management, including demand aggregation across locations and suppliers.

    Efficient onboarding and off-boarding.

  • Relationship Management image

    Relationship Management

    Allows company to promote constant competition to achieve business case.

    Ensures that negotiated preferred vendor rates and terms are leveraged with maximum effectiveness.

  • Performance & Risk Monitoring, Balanced Scorecard,  Data & Analytics image

    Performance & Risk Monitoring, Balanced Scorecard, Data & Analytics

    Suite of solutions including playbook, process and design, balanced scorecard design and provision of third-party data to support decision-making.

    Ongoing monitoring and management.

  • Risk Management image

    Risk Management

    Our risk monitoring tool (GSRM℠) is a unique web-based service that enables clients to monitor, predict and manage the risks in their services supply chain (captive centers and outsourced services) across countries, cities and suppliers, in real-time.

  • Health Check image

    Health Check

    Clients work with an expert team of advisors to review all aspects of  Sourcing Governance in order to align Sourcing Governance Model with Sourcing Strategy Framework and business goals. The process involves a detailed and insightful comparison to leading industry practices, including benchmarking of contracts and review of vendor scorecards.