successHow well are your global operations performing? Success can be a subjective term. Do your service providers meet your expectations? What about the expectations of other teams within your organization? Are the standards and metrics that you measure success against in line with those of your peers and competitors?

Without the right performance metrics in place, there is no way to gauge if the globalization initiative is progressing, or draining the company of its valuable resources. This is where a Health Check of an organization’s globalization and sourcing program can come in handy. Health Checks typically involve a series of in-depth interviews, data collection, benchmarking and peer comparison, which then enable an objective assessment of the delivery center’s processes and operations.

Here are six questions that every health check should address:

  1. Do the operations fully leverage strategic capabilities and capacities of each location?
  2. Do the operations fully leverage the organizational capability and leadership capabilities of each location?
  3. Is there a strategy in place to address scalability?
  4. Is there a clear plan to achieve end-state/targeted outcomes?
  5. Is the plan complete and consistent?
  6. Is there a comprehensive governance model that ensures necessary oversight?

Outsourcing and globalization health checks help companies be proactive about reviewing what’s working and what isn’t, and why. Health checks also reveal satisfaction levels, identify potential risks to growth and scalability, and outline clear action steps to ensure continued improvements into the future. Whether the health check is performed by an internal audit team or an external consultant, it’s critical to have the assessment conducted by a fully objective party with access to industry benchmarks and a depth of understanding and relevant experience.

For a detailed overview of the key components and benefits of outsourcing health checks, check out our Neo Group Insight Piece and Webinar Recording on this topic.

Aditya Shetye

Aditya Shetye

Manager - Advisory at Neo Group
Aditya is an MBA with over 7 years of track-record in research, outsourcing, globalization.

His areas of expertise include, business process improvement/ transformations, consulting, business development, digital advertising, marketing, branding and product development across FMCG, healthcare and industrial products.

He has global experience having worked, studied and lived in five countries including USA, India, Czech Republic, China and Singapore.

He is also certified inSix Sigma Black Belt
Aditya Shetye